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How to Keep Your EPOS System Maintained

How to Keep Your EPOS System Maintained & Running Smoothly


An electronic Point of Sale system isn’t just a one-time purchase, it’s an investment that allows you to look forward by allowing you to track sales, analyse business performance and manage inventory. It also helps improve customer experience and automate several critical tasks. And so, your EPOS systems & devices must operate at their optimal at all times.

But does it? Do you face downtime?

Studies suggest that 81% of retailers face POS system downtime at least once a year. And it takes almost four hours or longer before their POS supplier can help restore the system. Meaning retailers can face massive losses.

Fortunately, though, you can minimise losses by taking steps to maintain your EPOS devices properly. Read on and find out how to avoid downtime and how to keep your EPOS system maintained. 


Common Issues with POS Systems



Your Device is Printing Blank Receipts

Are your receipts coming out blank? That’s not good at all.

The most common culprits are a dirty or faulty thermal printhead, low-quality paper, incorrect printer settings, and an outdated driver.

The solution is to use good quality and the right type of paper. Ask your supplier for recommendations. You should also check the printer settings and update the drivers if needed.


The Thermal POS Printer’s Lid Isn’t Closing

A lot of times, the issue is with the lid. Maybe it isn’t closing properly or at all.

That’s because dirt, dust, and other particles have accumulated inside it. You’ll need to clean the lid using a soft cloth. If that doesn’t work, check if you took out the old paper receipt’s plastic core. It could be blocking the lid from closing completely.


You are Unable to Enter Details in Any Field

Are you trying to enter a product name or number of units to sell, but nothing shows up? Likely, you haven’t connected your screen or device to the POS machine properly. Make sure the cables are working fine, and the connections are secure.


Device Freeze-Ups

Does your device freeze up randomly? It may be because it doesn’t have enough memory to handle the number of tasks you’re running simultaneously. Your POS device needs regular maintenance, just like any other computer system. Upgrade your memory or clear up the registry to free up space.


Problems with the Cash Drawer

A stuck cash drawer is a common problem. The main culprit is your thermal printer, which controls your cash drawer. If your printer is off, the cash drawer won’t open. Also, if your printer is out of paper or there’s an error with the paper, it won’t open either.

Check the printer and restart it. If that doesn’t work, use a different cable or try resetting your cash drawer.


Display Troubleshooting for Customer-Facing POS Devices

Confusion doesn’t help a customer. It only frustrates them, and they might want to make a payment only if they are confident about the transaction.

If your customer-facing device isn’t displaying correctly, the issue could be with one or more of the following:

  • Screen calibration settings
  • Software updates
  • Monitor cables
  • Video card settings

While a technician can help resolve these issues, always check the settings and cables first. If updating the software doesn’t help either, contact your EPOS system support.


Tips to Maintain a POS System

So, looking at these common POS failures, we can deduce that the main reasons that cause them are:

To avoid the headache and loss of customers (and money) due to these failures, follow these essential maintenance tips.


Go with Excellent Customer Service

Glitches and hiccups are inevitable when it comes to technology. What’ll help you through the tough times is excellent customer service. The priority should be to find a good POS supplier who can provide you with top-notch technical support. 

You’ll get the essence of a company’s customer care upon the first contact, whether over the phone or by email. Are they good with follow-ups? Do they answer all your queries? Did the salesperson fill you up on basic information about the product?

Power EPOS provides its users with customised, responsive and specialised customer care, so you can trust them with any kind of POS system.


Regularly Update Your Software

Software updates ensure your POS system is secure and compatible with the latest technology. It’s critical to stay up-to-date with new features and bug fixes. And, of course, always back it up.

For instance, if you’re using POS systems gift cards and loyalty programs, loss of data or lack of backup could lead to profound customer dissatisfaction. 

So, store backups separately on tapes, USBs, or CD drives. Also, consider keeping them off-site for extra protection. 


Check Your Hardware Regularly

Your hardware is the backbone of your POS system, and it must always be in working condition. Make sure that all of your peripherals, such as the monitor, printer, and scanner, are working correctly. If there are minor issues like loose cables, fix them immediately. If you spot dust buildup, use a soft cloth to clean it.

Moreover, pay extra attention to the hard disk and RAM. These components can cause severe damage if they fail. Check their performance regularly and replace them if necessary.


Train Your Staff

Finally, training your staff to use the POS system properly is essential. Regular training sessions are necessary so that they can handle any technical issues like software updates, hardware glitches, device reset and more.

A well-trained staff will also help reduce customer complaints regarding their transactions. 

For instance, if you’re using an EPOS stock control system, your stock manager must know that adding a barcode scanner will help manage the inventory more efficiently.



Having a sound POS system is essential for the success of your business. It’s important to keep it updated and running smoothly at all times. The above tips can help you maintain and enhance your POS system’s performance.

Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of failures, save you time and money, and help you provide a better customer experience. So, don’t wait for an emergency – start taking care of your system today!


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