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Enjoy seamless operations, enhance customer spending, and unlock new avenues for growth with our bar EPOS systems.

Choosing the Best Bar EPOS System

With a focus on speed and reliability, our bar EPOS systems help you to provide better service to your valuable customers while keeping an eagle eye on sales, security, costs and inventory.

A: EPOS is short for Electronic Point of Sale system, and refers to the software and hardware solution designed to process order-taking and payment processing. Our bar EPOS systems are tailored to the specific needs of bar establishments, integrating accounting, inventory management, and more to help your operations run smoothly.

A: Our EPOS systems offer a range of benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And for bars, our systems are designed to facilitate speedy order processing and customer service in busy environments where consumer expectation is high. Additionally, it provides detailed sales data and analytics, as well as a host of management tools to help you make decisions and handle the running of your establishment. 

A: Absolutely! We count a number of well-known bars amongst our clientele, including Bierkeller and Revolution. Whether you're operating with one branch, five, fifty or five hundred, our bar POS systems are fully scalable across locations so you can customise per location or manage pricing and other controls centrally. 

A: Yes! Our Bar EPOS systems provide comprehensive reporting and analytics features that enable users to track real-time sales data, inventory levels, individual staff and team performances, and view key metrics like profit margins and best-selling items. These insights are designed to equip you with the most important decision-making information. 

A: This can depend, but our software options are often functional with your existing hardware. However, if not, we do also provide hardware solutions. Get in touch with us today using the form to find out what we can do for you. 

A: Our POS systems offer a wide range of integrations. These include, but are not limited to; inventory management; accounting software; loyalty programs; gift cards; reporting; and staff management. These integrations are designed to make your organisational processes more efficient, minimise errors and maximise your ability to focus on customer service and delivering a great experience.

A: Yes, our bar EPOS systems offer customisation options so you can enter and customise your menu, including recipes with specific ingredients and pricing. 

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Boost Spending

Provide Payment Options

With more ways to pay, make transactions easier than ever for your customers to increase spending. Whether opting for cash and card or modern mobile and contactless alternatives, your bar will be well-equipped to cater to diverse payment preferences and ensure seamless transactions. 

Manage Tab Payments

Set up a tab by swiping the card and adding the customer’s name, then simply add as they order. You can also set spending limits if required (ideal for events) and ensure they are completely secure. 

Enhance Customer Engagement with Advertising Display

This dynamic feature enables you to promote upcoming events, discounts and offers like happy hours or limited edition menu items. It’s a great tool to boost revenue and create a vibrant atmosphere at the same time 

Meet Customer Demand

Faster, Enhanced Service 

Tablet and mobile EPOS devices make service easier for staff to increase speed and efficiency. This system reduces waiting times and errors, as orders are received digitally by the kitchen as soon as they’re taken. This also means no more paperwork, reducing the risk of orders being lost. 

Suggestive Selling

Harness the power of suggestive selling with the system’s built-in algorithms and real-time data analysis that means your staff can effortlessly upsell and cross-sell items to customers, maximising their spending and driving revenue. Whether it’s recommending a popular cocktail to complement their meal or suggesting a premium beverage upgrade, our bar EPOS system empowers your staff to make personalised and persuasive recommendations. 

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Membership & Loyalty

Deepen Customer Engagement

Seamlessly integrate your EPOS with membership and loyalty solutions to make rewarding your customers easy and keep your marketing at the front of their minds. 

Streamlined Sign-Up Process

Don’t let a lengthy sign-up process deter potential members. Our Market Manager feature assigns new members to cards quickly for a smooth and hassle-free sign-up that gets customers on board fast. 

Flexible Reward Options

Tailor the rewards system to suit your bar’s unique requirements, whether you prefer points-based or redeemable rewards. As customers make purchases and redeem their points or rewards, the data exchange between the system and the membership or loyalty balances is seamlessly updated in both directions. 

Managing Inventory

Live Stock Management

Our Bar EPOS Systems have comprehensive inventory management features, with software that accurately manages cost, sales and usage data for bar stock, so you know which items are performing well. Plus, integrate our Stock Management software with MYOB or Xero to reduce administrative tasks, minimise errors, and eliminate double handling.

Remarkable Reporting Capabilities

Our Stock Management software provides cost and profit information per item and easily integrates with 3rd party systems to closely track your beverage stock. Monitor stock and inventory levels for increased security, and to track the value of goods-on-hand and sold, wastage, leakage, and know when to reorder. 

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