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EPOS for
Arena & Stadiums

Our complete POS systems and Stock solutions are built to make your Arenas and Stadium Events run smoothly. Making your customers happier and you more revenue. We have integrated our Power EPOS solutions with many UK stadiums and arenas, both with in-house hospitality teams and a number of Contract Caterers.

Choose the perfect system suited to stadiums, arenas and theatres today.

Stable & Reliable

We’ll Keep You Operating
Our EPOS system is working as a cloud solution with local resilience – the best of both worlds.

Have Absolute Confidence During Peak Times
Our POS systems will provide absolute speed, stability and reliability during peak times and when customers and staff need it.   

Best Quality Hardware
We’ll build your POS system to last using the best hardware brands on the market, such as PartnerTech. We are the EPOS supplier of choice for many large venues as our systems are built to endure harsh operating environments.

Adaptable Scaled Support

Just What You Need
Seeing as your stadium, arena, theatre, or event-driven venue doesn’t need Point of Sale support all the time as a restaurant or bar would, we provide flexible, scaled support so you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Customized Support
We’ll design a support package including remote and onsite support specific to your venue needs so that you can pay for when you’re operating, not when you are not.

POS Built For Speed

Lightning Fast & Feature-rich
Our lightning-fast, feature-rich enterprise EPOS system is per

Obliterate Queues
Experience the lightning-quick speeds of our Stadium Point of Sale system and obliterate queues by serving more customers, faster! Our Point of Sale system is built for speed so that at your stadium, arena, theatre, entertainment center, or event-driven venue, your staff can maximize revenue taken at intermission or half-time.  Speed can be generated from faster transactions and using tablets as Q Busters in just a few moments.

From Customers to Guests
Serve and process orders for every level of customer, from in-seat ordering to your corporate guests, in the rapid time frame required.

fect for a franchise and multi-site organisations. Make changes at head office and roll them out across all sites in seconds. 

Control Consistency
We provide total flexibility, so you can add sites as your organisation grows and either adapt the system for each site with flexible POS screen layouts, menus, pricing discounts and promos or restrict changes and control consistency from head office.

Outstanding Stock Control

Utilise Recipe Costing
Our Stock Management software helps you to control stock-on-hand, stock sold and inventory planning through food, beverage, and recipe costing. Identify items with the highest profit margin and stop selling those with the lowest. 

Powerful Reporting Capability
Our hospitality POS system provides powerful reporting capabilities including cost and profit information per item, even down to the number of nips in a bottle.

Simple To Use & Flexible

From Kiosks to VIP Areas
Install our hospitality Point of Sale solution at every level of your venue and enjoy the flexibility it provides for multiple types of menus and screen layouts from short, simple kiosk menus to detailed, creative menus for your corporate or VIP guest areas. 

Intuitive Interface
Train staff quickly with our easy, intuitive interface designed to handle any kind of order or sale including, but not limited to, food and drinks, merchandise, as well as in-box and in-seat ordering. 

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Power EPOS is a market leader in supplying POS and Back Office technology to Hospitality companies, both direct and working with a number of accredited partners. Talk to us about your current suppliers and we will be honest about how we can improve on or complement what they do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About EPOS for Arena & Stadiums

Our EPOS systems are designed to handle the unique service environments of stadiums, arenas and large events. That means durable, reliable software and hardware designed to process a high volume of transactions at peak times as well as real times sales reporting and inventory management. 


Our EPOS systems are designed to reduce wait times at concession stands so fans can be at the heart of the action, not caught in the queue. Furthermore, inventory management integration ensures you can plan stock to meet demand, and real-time sales data and analytics allows you to make informed decisions to enhance the fan experience. 

Yes, a POS system can provide real-time sales and inventory reports. It allows management to monitor sales performance, track inventory levels, identify popular items, and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and maximize revenue.

An EPOS system can help lead to cost savings by improving operational efficiency, reducing waste through optimised inventory management and minimising human error in transactions. Additionally, through data reporting you can track demand for products to find upselling opportunities and optimise restocking processes. Plus, with the enhanced system speed, you can serve more customers more quickly. 

Our stadium and arena EPOS systems are equipped with features such as fast and intuitive order taking, customizable menu options, and quick payment processing. These functionalities streamline concession operations, reducing waiting times for fans and ensuring efficient service during peak periods. Additionally, the systems can handle large volumes of transactions, helping staff manage high-demand events with ease.

Yes, our EPOS system is designed to accommodate complex pricing structures, including dynamic pricing during events. This feature allows you to adjust prices in real-time based on factors such as demand, time of day, or specific promotions. With dynamic pricing capabilities, you can optimise revenue generation by maximizing sales during peak periods and offering targeted pricing strategies to enhance profitability.