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EPOS System for Takeaways

Looking for a takeaway EPOS system to deliver customer service that matches the quality of your cuisine? Find out what Power EPOS could do for you.

Our takeaway EPOS systems are designed to be flexible, easy-to-use and practical to help you business deliver the best every time. 

Unmatched Takeaway Experience

Fast, Efficient Service
With fast payment processing, your staff can focus on providing quicker, more attentive service to your customers. 

Optimize Your Kitchen 
Our Kitchen Video Displays are designed to help you track the progress of orders to keep tabs on fulfillment. And with a takeaway POS system that enables paperless working, you can minimize the risk of order errors to improve efficiency.  

Robust Operating Capacity

Nightclub POS Systems You Can Trust
Our POS system is designed to be thoroughly dependable no matter how busy you are, so you can confidently handle the volume of transactions in a bustling nightclub environment.

Independent Operation

Our nightclub POS systems operate autonomously, without the need for internet connectivity or external servers. This ensures that you can serve your customers seamlessly, regardless of your location in the world.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Flash Reports for POS Insights
Our management software allows you to view reports as-and-when required so you can review accurate sales data at any time.

Back Office Visibility
Our takeaway POS back-office software offers detailed reports for sales trends and staff performance by time and date in a range of formats from flash reports to dashboards, graphics and spreadsheets. 

Easy Integration 
Managing stock and accounting has never been simpler with our takeaway POS system designed to integrate with other business functions to simplify and streamline operations. 

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Power EPOS is a market leader in supplying POS and Back Office technology to Hospitality companies, both direct and working with a number of accredited partners. Talk to us about your current suppliers and we will be honest about how we can improve on or complement what they do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About EPOS System for Takeaways

A Takeaway EPOS system is a computerised point-of-sale solution specifically designed for the takeaway and food delivery industry. It streamlines order management, payment processing, and inventory control, helping businesses like yours handle operations efficienctly and improve their customer service. 

Thanks to their diverse functionality, our takeaway POS systems offer a range of benefits to businesses who use them. Benefits include a higher rate of order accuracy, faster order processing, simplified reporting and analytics and better inventory management. Ultimately these factors work to improve the operations of your business and deliver the best possible customer service experience to keep them returning again and again. 

While we provide a range of hardware solutions, we can sometimes use your existing hardware to set up your POS system, including mobile and tablet devices. Contact us to find out what solutions we can offer you. 

Yes, the PowerEPOS Takeaway EPOS system is designed to support businesses with multiple locations. You can manage and monitor all your outlets from a centralised system, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your entire operation.

Definitely! Power EPOS Takeaway EPOS systems provide seamless integration with online ordering platforms and delivery so you can maximise your reach and revenue.

Our EPOS systems for takeaways are designed to provide comprehensive reporting and analytics so you can view performance metrics for various products, peak times and individual staff performance.  With this analysis, you can identify top-performing products and focus your marketing efforts on promoting them further. You can also utilise data analytics to determine and optimise your inventory management to invest purchasing into the most popular products. By utilising the power of EPOS data analytics, you can make informed decisions that directly contribute to revenue growth and business success.

Absolutely, our EPOS systems are designed to be easy to use so your team can adapt quickly and easily to using them. Additionally, our customer service is flexible to provide you with any assistance you may need, when you need it.