Handheld Mobile EPOS Devices

Work swiftly and efficiently while on the go with time and money-saving mobile ordering and payment devices.

Choosing the right handheld and mobile EPOS devices for your business

With a range of gadgets to choose from, our mobile devices are revolutionising hospitality and environments.  Ask us how they can increase the speed and accuracy of service, make payments mobile or just set up a simple fixed or handheld Point of Sale instead of a cash register. Our tablets can work offline and automatically sends order when in range/uses the same software as the POS/can be used for stocktaking and can be used for staff to clock in/out.

Handheld or Tablet POS

BYO hardware

You supply your own Windows tablet and we’ll load it with our custom POS software suite. 

Inexpensive fixed POS solution

Bench or wall mount your tablet for a low-cost but highly functional handheld POS terminal, POS cashier or ordering solution.

On-the-go mobile ordering

Your Windows tablet can be used as a mobile ordering device delivering orders directly to service areas.

Advanced functionality

Improve your ordering experience by delivering important information, such as out-of-stock items, directly to serving staff. Preload up-sell prompts to increase customer spend and improve awareness of your offerings.

Mobile Payments

If you want payment at table or away from the fixed Point of Sale this can be achieved on day 1 or as an upgrade.  Many Power users are fully integrated for fully mobile payments.  This can be delivered from within the Power EPOS application or through integration with apps such as OrderPay, Smart Retail, FreedomPay or others.

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Power EPOS is a market leader in supplying POS and Back Office technology to Hospitality companies, both direct and working with a number of accredited partners. Talk to us about your current suppliers and we will be honest about how we can improve on or complement what they do for you.