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EPOS Systems for Specialty Hotels

EPOS Systems for Specialty Hotels: Finding the Right Fit for Your Business


Speciality hotels require an EPOS system that allows them to easily manage their front-desk and back-end operations. 

A sound POS system will help hotels with services like room service and restaurant bookings to improve efficiency. It’ll also ease inventory tracking and improve record-keeping, and boost customer satisfaction.

A point-of-sale system will help speciality hotels increase revenue by enabling staff to upsell and cross-sell products and services to guests. For example, if a guest is booking a spa treatment, staff can upsell relevant products of interest to them.

The question is: How to choose the right hotel POS system for your business? Let’s decipher.


Key Features to Look for in an EPOS System for Specialty Hotels

When selecting an EPOS system for a speciality hotel, your business’s needs and requirements are crucial. So, here are some of the most important features to consider:


Look for an EPOS system that can be customised to suit the unique needs of your speciality hotel. It may include the ability to configure different product and service categories, create customised menus, and tailor the system to match the branding and style of your hotel.

Power EPOS, for instance, is designed by UK and Australia-based hospitality experts. The software is specially built for hospitality. From stock and inventory tracking to staff management and customer loyalty programmes, Power EPOS can be easily tailored to the needs of a speciality hotel.



A speciality hotel, like a boutique hotel or a wellness-focused hotel, may have multiple departments such as a restaurant and a spa. Find an EPOS system that integrates with other software systems like accounting, loyalty programmes, and payment gateways. It will help to streamline front desk operations and provide a more efficient experience for customers.

For instance, a point of sale system, hotel management software, and reservation system integrated into one platform can make it easier to manage check-ins and check-outs, track payment information, and create reports.



Data security is a top priority when it comes to hospitality businesses. An ePOS system should offer secure payment processing, data encryption, and other advanced security features.

Making sure your system is PCI compliant is essential as it ensures the safety of customers’ personal information, such as credit card numbers, names and addresses. Two-way authentication can help too.

It is also worth looking for a card payment machine that is EMV-compliant. EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” and is a set of payment security standards. EMV helps protect both customers and businesses from fraud.



A mobile point of sale system can allow your staff to take orders and process payments anywhere in the hotel. It can help improve guest satisfaction and reduce waiting times.

A mobile point of sale system also allows on-the-go mobile ordering, enabling guests to order room service, spa treatments, and other services from the comfort of their own rooms.

Power EPOS offers its customer BYO (bring your own) hardware option. So, you can provide your Windows tablet, and they’ll empower you to use it as your own point of sale device.



Reporting tools are essential for speciality hotels to track and analyse their performance. EPOS software should provide detailed reporting in various departments, like customer behaviour or stock inventory. These reports should be user-friendly and accessible from any device, so you can access them from anywhere at any time.

So, look for an EPOS reporting system that offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, including real-time sales data, inventory management, and staff performance metrics. It can help you to make informed decisions and optimise your operations for maximum profitability.


Ease of Use

Is your card payment machine simple to use? Does it have a user-friendly interface that is easy for staff to learn? Do your devices have touchscreens for quick and easy transactions?

A good EPOS system should be intuitive, easy to use and navigate. Look for one that provides customer support and helpful tutorials to assist with set-up and navigation.

Power EPOS, for instance, offers 24/7 customer service and technical support with hands-on training, so you can get your staff up to speed quickly and easily.


Benefits of Using an EPOS System for Specialty Hotels


Here are some of the key benefits of EPOS systems for speciality hotels:

Improved Efficiency

EPOS systems help speciality hotels process transactions quickly and accurately, which can help to reduce waiting times and improve the overall guest experience. It can be significant for hotels that offer a range of services, such as room service, spa treatments, and restaurant bookings.


Better Record-Keeping

EPOS systems enable hotels to keep accurate records of all transactions, which can help to prevent errors and discrepancies in accounting. It can help to ensure that information is kept up-to-date, secure, and accessible.

Plus, detailed reporting can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, staff performance, and other areas of the hotel’s operations.


Enhanced Customer Experience

EPOS systems can help speciality hotels to provide a more personalised and efficient service to guests. For example, staff can use EPOS systems to access guest profiles and preferences, which can help to tailor services and offerings to individual needs.


How to Choose the Right EPOS System for Your Business?

Hospitality businesses vary from small to large. And so do their needs. Therefore, before you subscribe to an EPOS system, assess your requirements.

Do you want an integrated platform or a stand-alone solution? 

Is your business seasonal or year-round? 

Do you need an online ordering system or a customer loyalty programme?

Answering these questions will help you to narrow down your search and choose the right EPOS system for your speciality hotel.

Choose a provider that has experience in the hospitality industry, offers customer service, and is scalable.



Overall, investing in the right EPOS system can be a game-changer for speciality hotels. It can help them provide a superior level of service, increase profitability, and build a loyal customer base. 

If you’re in the business of hospitality, look for an EPOS system that’s tailored to your needs and offers the features you require. 

And remember, customer service is vital. So, make sure your EPOS provider offers 24/7 support. With the right system, you can take your speciality hotel to the next level.

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