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Benefits of QR Codes in Restaurants

Our editorial explores the benefits of QR Codes in restaurants and provides tips on how to make the most of it.

In today’s digital era, the way we dine out has been revolutionised by a small, pixelated square: the QR code. From streamlining operations to enhancing the dining experience, QR codes have emerged as a game-changer for restaurants, but firstly what are QR codes?


What is a QR code?


A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a type of matrix barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet. Upon scanning, it quickly directs the user to a specific webpage, video, or online platform. Its simplicity and versatility have made it a favoured tool in various industries, and restaurants are no exception.


Benefits of QR Codes in restaurants


Save Money on Printing Costs: Gone are the days of reprinting menus every time there’s a price change or a new dish. With QR codes, restaurants can easily update their digital menus without incurring printing costs. This not only saves money but also contributes to a more sustainable business model.

Improved Customer Experience: Scanning a QR code gives customers immediate access to the menu, special promotions, and more. Integrated with an epos system, it can streamline the ordering and payment process, making the dining experience smooth and enjoyable.

Reduce Staff Contact with Customers: In times where safety is paramount, QR codes minimise the need for close interaction. Customers can view the menu, order, and pay without waiting for a staff member, reducing the risk of potential health concerns.

Increase Order Values: A digital menu provides an opportunity to showcase dishes with enticing images and descriptions, for example with the right epos system for cafes or restaurants, you can also highlight bestsellers or suggest add-ons, subtly encouraging customers to order more.

Speed Up Table Turnover: Faster ordering means quicker service. With QR codes, customers can place their orders almost immediately upon sitting down, leading to faster table turnover and increased capacity.

Better Design and Images: Digital menus offer the flexibility of incorporating high-resolution images, animations, or even short videos of dishes, providing a visual treat and making the menu more appealing.


How to Promote Your QR Code Menus


Promotion is key to maximising the benefits of QR code menus. Here are some strategies:

  1. Table Tents and Standees: Place them prominently on each table, ensuring they are easily visible.
  2. Window Stickers: Attract potential diners by displaying QR codes on windows or entrance doors.
  3. Social Media: Share your QR code on your restaurant’s social media platforms, encouraging followers to check out your menu before they visit.
  4. Website Integration: Embed the QR code on your website, so online visitors can access the menu easily.


QR Code Menu Best Practices


To ensure your QR code menus deliver the best results, consider the following best practices:

Focus on Creating a Mobile-friendly QR Code Menu Page: Most diners will access your menu from their mobile devices. Ensure the design is responsive, easy to navigate, and looks great on all screen sizes.

Brand Your QR Code Menu: Customise your QR code design to incorporate your restaurant’s logo or colours. This not only looks professional but also reassures customers of its authenticity.

Minimise Menu Page Load Times: A slow-loading menu can frustrate diners and may deter them from ordering. Optimise images and content to ensure your menu page loads swiftly.


Top 11 QR Code Providers

  • Unitag
  • QR Tiger
  • Beaconstac
  • GoQR.Me
  • QR Stuff

In conclusion

Embracing QR codes in restaurants is more than just a trend; it’s a strategic move that offers myriad benefits, from cost savings to improved customer experiences. When implemented correctly and promoted effectively, QR codes can elevate the dining experience, streamline operations, and even boost revenue.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, tools like QR codes, in conjunction with systems like epos, will play an instrumental role in shaping the future of dining.

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