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Cafe & Coffee Shop POS Systems

Our scalable coffee shop POS system supports cost reduction, increased customer spend, improved service and more.

With a focus on speed and reliability, our café POS helps you to provide better service to your valuable customers while keeping an eagle-eye on sales, costs and stock.

Boost Service Efficiency

Provide Superior Service

By processing payments quicker and providing intuitive, simple-to-use touchscreen cafe EPOS terminals, we help you to reduce labour costs while at the same time providing faster, more attentive service to your valued customers.

Advanced Table Management

Our restaurant management system allows for superior table service through popular table management functions such as colour-coded table status view and multiple split-billing options. 

Integrate with Online Booking System

Our 2-way integration to Res Diary and Avenista continuously syncs integration continuously sync’s online reservations with your cafe POS allowing your team to optimise table availability and increase revenue.

More integrations will be available very soon – tell us what you are using.

Bulletproof Operating

Complete System Redundancy

Our systems are built to keep you operational.  We call it ‘complete system redundancy’ which means that our systems are not internet or server-reliant. If your internet or servers go down, your EPOS system will continue to operate normally. 

Best Quality POS Hardware

We know that hospitality environments can be hard on hardware which is why, when we build your Point of Sale system, we only use the best Point of Sale hardware from brands such as PartnerTech and Epson. We’ll always provide you with durable, long-life hardware built to withstand harsh operating environments.

Kitchen Video Displays

Streamline Your Kitchen & Prep Areas

Our KDS System Integration is founded on the “Best of Breed” and Award Winning QSR Automations Kitchen Video System, which has thousands of Installations World Wide in the likes of Cruise Ships, Top Hotels, Celebrity Restaurants, etc to name a few, it simplifies kitchen operations, improves communication and speed of ser­vice, coupled with product cook times it streamlines kitchen & pass operations completely.

Inbuilt EPOS Reporting

Our KVD’s have inbuilt software allowing you to report on productivity, timing and stock moving through your kitchen at any time – allowing you to accurately report on wait times via colour-coded alerts.

Go Paperless

Move to a paperless working environment to reduce errors – no more lost dockets! For improved table service while orders appear on the KVD screen the second they are sent from anywhere in your venue. 

Table Management

Stay Informed with Table Status

Turn-over tables quicker while providing exceptional service with our coffee shop POS solution. Colour-coded table layouts enable you to quickly identify the status of every table.  Locate open tables, identify when customers are waiting on orders, check on inactive tables, and know when to expect payment.

Utilise Multiple Operating Modes

Operating modes allow for flexibility to run multiple styles of service through your venue or Point of Sale system.  Bar, Table, Tab, Takeaway and Delivery modes each provide different functions and you can seamlessly move from mode-to-mode if, for example, a customer moves to a table after having a drink at the bar. Then report on revenue centres separately.

Granular Reporting

POS Flash Reports

Gain greater control of your business through our powerful café and restaurant management software. Generate Flash reports from your coffee shop POS terminal at any time for valuable, up-to-the-minute reporting on staff costs and unfinalised bills as well as sales made through different revenue centres such as bar and table.

Powerful Back-office Suite

Our Point of Sale back-office software provides granular reporting, allowing you to capitalise on sales trends, monitor sales by staff member, time, date, table and product. To view your data, choose from dashboards, flash reports at POS, spreadsheets, static reports and timed reports. Schedule automated reports to effortlessly keep stakeholders informed.

Automated, On-demand or Live

Get your data where and when you need it.  Automated reports send information to selected stakeholders at regular intervals, pull data as you need it from your back-office or use Power EPOS Insights to access live sales data on the go.

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Power EPOS is a market leader in supplying POS and Back Office technology to Hospitality companies, both direct and working with a number of accredited partners. Talk to us about your current suppliers and we will be honest about how we can improve on or complement what they do for your restaurant.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cafe & Coffee Shop POS Systems

An EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system in your cafe can bring numerous benefits. It streamlines and automates various processes such as order-taking, payment handling, and inventory management, maximising efficiency and minimising human error. With our coffee shop POS system, you can enhance customer service, improve staff productivity, gain valuable insights into your business performance and create a seamless coffee shop experience for your customers. 

When choosing a cafe or coffee shop POS system, you should look for features designed to aid you whilst improving customer experience. These may include: 

  • Intuitive order management 
  • Customisable menu and flexible pricing options
  • Table management 
  • Split billing 
  • Integration with payment gateways 
  • Inventory management
  • Employee tracking and scheduling
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics 
  • Loyalty programme integration 
  • Compatibility with online ordering platforms or delivery services 

Prioritise features that align with your specific cafe’s needs and will help streamline your operations effectively.

Yes, our cafe EPOS system can assist you in managing inventory efficiently. It can track stock levels, monitor ingredient usage, generate alerts for low stock, and automatically update inventory records as items are sold. By having real-time visibility into your inventory, you can optimise stock control, reduce wastage, and ensure you always have the necessary ingredients on hand, avoiding both shortages and excesses.

Absolutely! With our EPOS system you can easily customise your menu and pricing. You can also create and edit menu items, add descriptions and images, assign different prices for variations (e.g., sizes, add-ons), set up discounts or promotions, and even schedule menu changes based on time of day or specific events. This flexibility enables you to adapt your menu offerings and pricing strategies to suit your cafe’s unique requirements.

Yes, our cafe EPOS systems offer built-in customer loyalty features. You can set up loyalty programs, issue loyalty cards or digital rewards, and track customer points or purchases. With a loyalty module integrated into your EPOS, you can incentivise repeat visits, offer personalised promotions to loyal customers, and gather valuable data to better understand customer preferences and behaviour, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships and increasing customer retention.

Absolutely! EPOS systems are designed to provide comprehensive analytics and insights into your business performance. It can generate reports on sales, revenue, popular menu items, peak hours, staff productivity, and more. By analysing these data, you can identify trends, make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and refine your overall cafe strategy for enhanced profitability and customer satisfaction.

Yes, scalability is an important consideration for any EPOS system. A scalable system allows you to easily add new locations and expand your business operations without major disruptions. Our solutions offer centralised management, allowing you to monitor and control multiple locations from a single interface. Ensure that the system can accommodate additional hardware, users, and transaction volumes as your cafe grows, providing a seamless experience across all branches.