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10 Most In-Demand Michelin Star Restaurants in the UK

In a brand new analysis that sheds light on the competitive landscape of the culinary world, Power EPOS can reveal the most popular Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK

The study highlights the digital popularity of these esteemed establishments, as well as reviewing how restaurants outside London have managed to compete with those in the capital. 

“Our analysis not only underscores the prestige and public curiosity surrounding Michelin-starred restaurants but also delves into the regional disparities in their online popularity,” said Richard Goodall, Managing Director of Power EPOS. 

The research utilises search data directly from Google to determine interest in each establishment. And while London undoubtedly rules the top ten with five entrants on the list, there are famous names from around the country.

Take a look at our top ten.

1. Sketch (Lecture Room and Library), London – 3 Michelin stars 


Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, Sketch (The Lecture Room & Library) presents a culinary spectacle, marrying opulence with innovation. This Michelin three-starred gem, housed within an 18th-century edifice, promises an immersive experience as patrons ascend into a realm of vibrant aesthetics and luxurious decor. Here, culinary crafts bear Pierre Gagnaire’s signature, with each dish a testament to intricate structure, harmonious composition, and sheer elegance. Amidst a tableau of assorted delicacies, the flavours captivate, each bite a narrative. The experience, amplified by a knowledgeable sommelier, champions both celebrated and obscure vineyards, culminating in a gastronomic ballet unforgettable in its richness.

Sketch Lecture Room, London
Source: TripAdvisor

2. Le Gavroche, London: 2 Michelin stars


In the midst of London’s culinary scene stands Le Gavroche, a testament to timeless gastronomic artistry. This two Michelin-starred restaurant, under the aegis of Michel Roux Jr., is an ode to classical French cuisine, delivered with impeccable standards reminiscent of its inception in 1967 by the legendary Albert and Michel Roux Snr. However, a poignant turn in its storied journey is the impending closure in January 2024, making the coming months all the more precious for connoisseurs. As the doors prepare to close, the legacy of Le Gavroche invites a sense of urgent exclusivity, beckoning food enthusiasts to embrace this ephemeral yet extraordinary dining experience.

3. The Hand and Flowers, Marlow: 2 Michelin stars


In the quaint town of Marlow lies a culinary treasure, the Hand and Flowers, the epitome of British gastronomy redefined. This establishment, the brainchild of Tom Kerridge, stands distinguished with two Michelin stars, offering an experience that transcends the norms of pub dining. Each dish is a homage to traditional favourites, transformed through exceptional culinary artistry. The menu, though concise, is a canvas of rich, indulgent flavours, showcasing the finest ingredients in presentations that are visually poetic. The ambience is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and contemporary finesse, enhanced by beams that whisper tales of heritage. As patrons immerse themselves in this convivial atmosphere, they are greeted by dishes that are not just consumed but experienced, leaving a trail of memorable savours on the palate. The Hand and Flowers is not just a meal but a journey through the nuances of sophisticated British fare.

4. Core by Clare Smyth, London: 3 Michelin stars


In the distinguished neighbourhood of North Kensington, CORE by Clare Smyth stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and finesse. This prestigious establishment, adorned with three Michelin stars, is more than a dining venue; it’s a holistic experience curated by Clare Smyth, whose dedication to the culinary arts is palpable from the entrance to the elegantly set tables. CORE’s ambience exudes understated sophistication, inviting guests to indulge in tasting menus that are a testament to Clare’s journey in gastronomy. ‘Core Classics’ reflects her culinary milestones, while ‘Core Seasons’ offers a contemporary, luxurious foray into modern British cuisine. The dishes, renowned for their exquisite flavours and textures, are presented with a restraint that belies the complexity involved in their creation. Complementing this culinary odyssey, the wine pairings are thoughtfully selected to enhance the flavours, ensuring an immersive dining experience that captivates all senses.

5. Gravetye Manor Hotel, East Grinstead: 1 Michelin star


Gravetye Manor is a hotel nestled in the verdant embrace of Sussex and The Dining Room, a culinary haven that boasts a Michelin star. This distinguished establishment takes pride in its symbiotic relationship with the seasons, drawing inspiration and resources from its historic walled kitchen garden, a legacy of horticulturalist William Robinson. The garden’s bounty dictates the rhythm of the menu, ensuring each dish is a reflection of the environment’s most generous offerings. Executive Chef George Blogg champions this philosophy, crafting gastronomic experiences that honour local suppliers’ dedication to quality and ethical practices. The Dining Room, with its air of understated elegance, becomes a backdrop for life’s celebrations, welcoming patrons who appreciate the art of fine dining. While there’s no imposed dress code, guests are encouraged to don attire befitting the restaurant’s refined ambience. A visit here isn’t merely a meal; it’s an intimate dance with nature’s palate, an event best shared with cherished company.

6. L’Enclume, Cartmel: 3 Michelin stars


In the serene heart of Cartmel, L’Enclume, a distinguished Michelin three-star restaurant, is a harmonious blend of culinary innovation and nature’s bounty. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, much of its produce is harvested from its own 12-acre farm. Simon Rogan’s masterpiece, this eatery transforms dining into an art form, with each dish reflecting the Lake District’s purest flavours. The menu, a fluid narrative, evolves with the seasons, ensuring a unique gastronomic journey with each visit. The team’s passion is evident, from the creative kitchen dynamics to the enthusiastic service staff, making every meal a celebration of regional produce and exceptional cuisine. L’Enclume is not just a restaurant; it’s an immersive experience that tantalises the senses and connects diners with the rich tapestry of its surroundings.

7. The Fat Duck, Bray: 3 Michelin stars


In the quaint village of Bray, The Fat Duck stands as a bastion of culinary wonderment, a place where dining transcends into a realm of sensory exploration. This three-Michelin-starred establishment, under the visionary guidance of Heston Blumenthal, invites guests on a ‘Sensorium’ journey, an odyssey that navigates the intricate pathways of perception and memory through gastronomy. Here, classic concoctions meet innovative marvels, all underpinned by Heston’s ethos to ‘question everything’. The dishes, a symphony of textures and flavours, are a testament to his avant-garde approach, blending playfulness with precision. The experience is further amplified by theatrical elements, with each course designed to engage, surprise, and delight. Service is not merely attentive but interactive, enhancing the narrative that each dish conveys. The Fat Duck is not just a meal but an immersive story, a place where each bite holds the promise of discovery and an indelible imprint on the diner’s memory.

A dessert item from the Fat Duck
Source: Above and Beyond

8. The Ritz Restaurant, London: 1 Michelin star


Amidst the grandeur of London’s iconic Ritz Hotel, the Ritz Restaurant offers an unparalleled dining experience, marrying the opulence of its Louis XVI-inspired interiors with culinary excellence. Awarded one Michelin star, the restaurant is a sanctuary of classic gastronomy with a contemporary twist. The menu, under the stewardship of Executive Chef John Williams MBE, is a testament to luxurious ingredients and impeccable craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the grand culinary traditions of Escoffier. The ‘Arts de la Table’ service adds a layer of theatricality, preserving the timeless elegance of gueridon service, while innovative touches render each dish relevant to modern palates. The experience is not confined to the flavours but extends to the visual feast and the meticulous service, making dining at the Ritz Restaurant not just a meal, but an event—an exquisite journey through the annals of gastronomy, within an atmosphere of unmistakable splendour.

9. The Waterside Inn, Bray: 3 Michelin stars


Nestled on the serene banks of the Thames, The Waterside Inn in Bray stands as a testament to culinary excellence, harmonising gourmet artistry with an unmistakably British charm. This Michelin-starred haven, established by the legendary Roux family, captivates with its blend of impeccable service, gastronomic brilliance, and an ambience of intimate luxury. Patrons are treated to a symphony of flavours, with dishes that are both a visual and culinary delight, reflecting the establishment’s deep-rooted ethos of innovation and quality. Whether it’s for a special occasion or an indulgent retreat, The Waterside Inn promises a transcendent experience, marrying fine dining with the tranquil allure of its riverside setting.

10. A. Wong, London: 2 Michelin stars


Nestled in the heart of Victoria, London, A. Wong redefines the perception of Chinese cuisine through an odyssey of taste, tradition, and innovation. Celebrated for its culinary excellence with two Michelin stars, this gastronomic haven, helmed by the visionary Chef Andrew Wong, offers a unique blend of flavours and techniques from across China’s diverse regions. The restaurant’s daytime delights include an array of sophisticated dim sum, while evenings promise a transformative experience with the ‘Collections of China’ menu, a three-hour journey paying homage to China’s rich culinary heritage. Each dish, curated with finesse and a creative twist, reflects an unwavering commitment to authenticity infused with contemporary flair, ensuring an unforgettable, sensorial dining experience.


The study analysed Google search data for the top 100 Michelin restaurants in the UK across the last 12 months. Notably, establishments in the capital city accrued an average of 1.65 Michelin stars, slightly higher than the 1.2-star average of their non-London counterparts.

“Such findings are indicative of the broader appeal of the capital’s dining scene. However, the data also points to individual non-London restaurants challenging this trend, commanding significant online attention,” added Goodall.

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