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University POS Systems

Our university POS system is designed to simplify payment processing, inventory management and sales tracking to streamline your student services. 

A reliable and efficient university POS system is essential to keep transactions ticking over across campus. Discover EPOS systems that support simplicity.  

Super-Efficient Student Service

Reduce wait times

With our university POS systems, service efficiency is a top priority. Our systems help your staff serve students quickly and accurately to reduce wait times. 

Boost service efficiency 

With intuitive interfaces and fast processing times, our POS systems are ideal for high-demand environments, including rush hours and peak times. 

Resilient, Reliable

Operate offline

Our systems don’t rely on the internet, so you can be sure your service won’t be interrupted by slow or unreliable connections.

Serve without disruption 

Our university POS systems are built to handle high deamnd, ensuring you can serve quickly and efficiently without worrying about your EPOS system crashing when you rely on it the most. 

Centralise Management Management

Manage multiple sites

Our university POS systems allow you to centralise management of sites across campus, giving you greater control over your operations with remote access and real-time reporting. 

Integrate with accounting software

With the ability to fully integrate with your accounting software, you can expect seamless and streamlined finance management. 

Flexible and scalable

With the centralised management features offered by our university POS systems, you can adapt to the changing needs of the campus. Whether that’s adding new locations or expanding service offerings, our systems will continue to provide the performance and functionality you need. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About University POS Systems

Equipped with a range of essential features, our system is designed to handle the demands of a busy campus environment, ensuring smooth running even at peak times.

Furthermore, the system is designed to reduce administrative burden with a wealth of easily accessible reporting and analytics capabilities, giving access to valuable data insights to enhance cost-effective decision-making.

Additionally, the system is designed to integrate with other functionalities to facilitate the smooth coordination between systems, including staff management, accounting integrations and inventory handling.

Yes, our university POS systems are designed to handle multiple campus locations or outlets, with centralised management capabilities built-in. 

University POS systems prioritize user-friendliness and are designed to be easy and intuitive to use with features such as touchscreens, easy navigation, and simplified transaction processes. 

Our systems are designed to be fully customisable to adapt to whatever specific requirements your university may have. This includes menu configurations, discounts and tailored reporting, as well as the ability to control multiple campus sites from a single centralised management system. 

The comprehensive reporting and analytics features are highly flexible depending on your requirements. However, our systems can include sales trends, popular items and financial performance. 

As well as live monitoring of stock levels, our systems can also help automate inventory control and availability. And with integrated reporting functions, you can also track the performance of various items to determine demand.