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Pizza POS Software and Hardware Systems

Looking for pizza POS systems for your pizzeria? Discover modern solutions designed to meet all the needs of a modern takeaway and delivery service.

Our pizza POS software and hardware systems for takeaways are meticulously crafted to offer flexibility, user-friendliness, and practicality, ensuring that your business consistently delivers excellence and your customers keep coming again and again.

Unparalleled Pizzeria POS Systems

Efficiency and Superior Service

By implementing an advanced POS system in your pizzeria, you can enhance your takeaway experience and provide fast, efficient service to your customers.

Streamline Your Kitchen Operations

Our Pizza POS software and hardware systems are equipped with Kitchen Video Displays, enabling you to closely monitor the progress of orders and ensure timely fulfilment. With a paperless working environment facilitated by our takeaway POS system, you can significantly reduce the risk of order errors and boost overall efficiency.

Reliable Performance

Uninterrupted Operations

Our pizza POS software is designed to keep your business running smoothly., so that server downtime and internet interruptions won’t cause disruptions at peak times. 

High-Quality Hardware and Software

In the fast-moving, demanding environment of food service, your pizza POS software and hardware should be durable. Our systems are long-lasting and capable of withstanding the challenges of daily operations.

Rapid, Expandable, and Adaptable

Abundant Features

Our pizza POS software are fast and feature-rich, so you can customise settings to match your needs. From pricing and menu changes at the touch of a button to integrations that help the running of your business, your EPOS system is highly adaptable. 

Maintain Uniformity

Our systems are flexible so you can incorporate additional locations with growth, and create variations and uniformity across sites. From screen layouts to menus, discounts and promotions,  you’ll have complete control. 

Comprehensive Reporting Features

Informative Pizza EPOS Reports

Access to insightful reports whenever you need them and receive accurate sales data at your fingertips, guaranteeing you’re always informed with full visibility on operations.

Improved Visibility in the Back Office

With our back-office system, you can also see in-depth reports on sales trends and staff performance categorised by time and date. From flash reports to interactive dashboards, captivating graphics to comprehensive spreadsheets, we offer various formats to ensure you have the information you need, presented in a way that suits you.

Effortless Integration for Seamless Operations

Our solution seamlessly integrates with other essential functions such as stock management and accounting, making your daily tasks more efficient and hassle-free. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy a smooth workflow that saves you time and effort.

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Power EPOS is a market leader in supplying POS and Back Office technology to Hospitality companies, both direct and working with a number of accredited partners. Talk to us about your current suppliers and we will be honest about how we can improve on or complement what they do for your restaurant.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza POS Software and Hardware Systems

A pizza EPOS system, also known as an Electronic Point of Sale system, is a computerized system specifically designed to manage and streamline the operations of a pizza takeaway business. It includes hardware and software components that facilitate order management, inventory control, payment processing, and reporting.

A pizza EPOS system offers numerous benefits, such as improved order accuracy, faster service, streamlined kitchen operations, enhanced customer service, simplified inventory management, detailed reporting and analytics, and seamless integration with other business tools, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

Yes, a pizza EPOS system can be seamlessly integrated with other essential business functions, such as online ordering platforms, accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and inventory management tools. This integration helps streamline operations and data synchronization across multiple platforms.

A pizza EPOS system offers inventory management features that allow you to track ingredient quantities, monitor stock levels in real-time, generate automated alerts for low stock, and even predict ingredient usage. It helps optimize inventory control, minimize wastage, and ensure that you have the necessary ingredients to meet customer demand.

Yes, a pizza EPOS system offers comprehensive reporting capabilities. It generates detailed reports on sales performance, including revenue analysis, popular items, peak hours, and customer trends. These reports provide valuable insights for making informed business decisions and identifying areas for improvement.

While pizza EPOS systems are designed to be user-friendly, some initial training may be required to familiarize yourself and your staff with the system’s features and functions. The provider usually offers training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and optimal usage of the system.

Yes, a pizza EPOS system can easily handle multiple locations. It allows you to manage and monitor operations across different takeaway outlets from a central dashboard, providing consolidated reporting, inventory management, and streamlined control over all your locations.

Our EPOS software is designed to work with a range of devices, including mobile and tablet. So there’s a good chance we can help you get started with Power EPOS using your existing hardware. If not, our hardware is highly reliable and designed for flexibility in hectic environments like takeaway and delivery. Our team will work with you to find the best solution – get in touch today and find out what we can do.