EPOS Systems for Pubs & Bars

Boost service, increase spend and efficiency, and grow your pub or barbusiness with our flexible and scalable hospitality EPOS system.

Choosing the Best POS System for Your Pub or Bar

With a focus on speed and reliability, our pub and bar Point of Sale systems help you to provide better service to your valuable customers while keeping an eagle eye on sales, security, costs and inventory.

Boost Spending

Provide Payment Options

Increase spend by giving your customers the flexibility of quicker, smarter ways to pay for their food and drinks. Payment Options such as DOJO, Merchant Hub, WorldPay, Freedom Pay, Payment Sense, APP Technology integrated with OrderPay, UbarMarket, Preoday, UberEATS, Mobo2Go & Smart Restaurant.

Easily Manage Bar Tabs

To run a tab at the bar just swipe the card, add a name and the tab is ready to go. For events, just set the spend value to add a limit to the tab.  It’s then easy for any staff member to add food and drinks, and the funds are secured.  

Add a Customer Facing Advertising Display

Add a customer facing advertising display to your bar or pub management system to promote events and discounts such as happy hour, and increase revenue during quieter times.  We can even program your POS with suggestive selling prompts to avoid lost upsell opportunities.

Serve More Customers

Maximise Service Efficiency

Use tablets to lower staff costs, improves productivity and increase revenue. Arm your serving staff with tablets and watch their productivity skyrocket! No more delivering orders to different service locations. Just input the order at the table and press send. 

Improve Suggestive Selling

Increase sales through suggestive selling prompts displayed on the device as orders are placed. When integrated with your POS software and stock-countdown feature, staff receive real-time stock level information, so they can seamlessly suggest alternatives when products are shown to be out-of-stock. 

Membership & Loyalty

Deepen customer relationships

Keep your bar or pub top-of-mind with our Point of Sale system integrated to a 3rd party membership and loyalty solutions. Easily identify members at your POS via their member swipe card or through a database search.

Simple Sign-Up Process 

Don’t lose potential members through a drawn-out sign-up process. Market Manager features a highly efficient way to assign new members to cards making your sign-up process a breeze.

Choose Your Reward Format

Enable the redemption of points or rewards at your POS. As purchases are made and points or rewards redeemed, the 2-way exchange of data updates both membership types and loyalty balances. 

Inventory & Stock Control

Plan & Control Your Inventory

Food and recipe costing through your hospitality POS back-office helps you to identify which items have the highest profit margin, and when to stop selling those with the lowest. Integrate our Stock Management software with MYOB or Xero and decrease admin time, errors and double handling.

Remarkable Reporting Capabilities

Our Stock Management software provides cost and profit information per item and easily integrates with 3rd party systems to closely track your beverage stock. Monitor stock and inventory levels for increased security, and to track the value of goods-on-hand and sold, wastage, leakage, and to know when to reorder. 

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