Insights Analytics & EPOS Reporting

Insights analytics and reporting puts your live, business data at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it.

Simple, relevant, reliable & mobile

By presenting your business information in easy-to-understand graphical dashboards on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, EPOS Insights will help you to easily navigate your data and identify the trends and exceptions that matter.  




Built for



Simple to set-up & customise

With centralised control and simple drag-and-drop functionality, Power EPOS was built to make setting up your POS and back-office straightforward.

Add or subtract sites, locations, and POS terminals, change pricing, currencies, program menus, taxes and surcharges and connect your printers and payment systems all from the Power EPOS Management Console.

Quick & easy order taking

Whether your customers require table service, order at the counter or through an app, Power EPOS will quickly process their orders and include any variations to the order and additional info such as notes or names.

Effortless order management & delivery

Build your own service modes to easily manage orders and switch between modes (such as from bar to table or takeaway to delivery) using the ‘Transfer Order Button’ as customer requirements change.

Submitted orders are quickly printed in production areas such as the kitchen or bar, or displayed on your Kitchen Video Displays (KVDs). 

Built for hospitality

Power EPOS is a multi-functional POS and Stock software which centralises operations for hospitality businesses.

Rules-based price lists and locations, taxes, discounts and promotions, variations and customisation, are all available through Power EPOS for running successful hospitality operations. Add stock and inventory tracking and staff management for complete control of your hospitality business.

Lightning fast POS payments

Power EPOS is built for speed enabling you to serve more customers, faster. Split bills, apply discounts and surcharges, manage tips, change tables and accept payment through credit cards, cash, and other payment platforms. We all know that more options make for happier customers.

Comprehensive business dashboards & reports

The Power EPOS report library provides many styles of reports so you can access your live sales, staff and product information and make better business decisions, faster. Add Power EPOS Insights for on-the-go reporting from any device.

Get agile and change the way you manage your business

Insights creates endless opportunities for accessing your data where and when you need it.
Make faster, more informed business decisions with Insights on your desktop and in your pocket.

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Power EPOS is a market leader in supplying POS and Back Office technology to Hospitality companies, both direct and working with a number of accredited partners. Talk to us about your current suppliers and we will be honest about how we can improve on or complement what they do for you.