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What is EFTPOS? Everything You Need to Know

EFTPOS stands for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale.

It is a highly secure and efficient electronic payment system that allows your customers to make transactions by transferring funds from their bank account to a merchant’s business account instantly. 

This system is ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, and other establishments within hospitality

Learn more about EFTPOS systems and what they can do for your business. 

The Mechanism of EFTPOS


EFTPOS transactions commence with an EFTPOS machine that interconnects various networks to complete a payment. 

The networks involved include the buyer’s bank, the merchant’s bank, the EFTPOS machine provider, and point-of-sale technology

The process involves authentication, verification, and funds transfer, ensuring the secure and swift completion of transactions. The settlement times can vary, affecting business cash flow, but generally, the process is streamlined and user-friendly.

EFTPOS Advantages and Disadvantages




  • Efficiency and Convenience: EFTPOS reduces cash handling, offering a convenient and efficient alternative for both customers and merchants.
  • Security: The transactions are secure, requiring authentication and verification, protecting against fraud and financial crimes.
  • Low Transaction Fees: Many EFTPOS providers offer low and flat merchant fees, allowing businesses to forecast processing costs accurately.
  • Versatility: Modern EFTPOS terminals accept all card types, including international standards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and offer contactless payment acceptance.



  • Limited Global Acceptance: EFTPOS cards are mainly accepted in specific regions, limiting their global usability.
  • Vulnerability to Fraud: While secure, EFTPOS cards may still be vulnerable to certain types of fraud.
  • No Online Use: EFTPOS cards cannot be used for online purchases or phone payments, restricting their functionality compared to other card types.


EPOS and EFTPOS in the UK Hospitality Industry


In the UK, the hospitality industry is increasingly adopting EPOS and EFTPOS due to its myriad benefits. 

It is particularly beneficial for establishments like restaurants and bars where swift and secure transactions are paramount to getting customers served quickly and efficiently.

The UK’s professionals and decision-makers in the hospitality industry are leveraging EFTPOS to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and ensure transaction security. 

The adoption of EFTPOS in the UK is a testament to its growing relevance in the global hospitality sector.



Understanding what EFTPOS is and how it operates is essential for professionals in the hospitality industry. EFTPOS offers a secure, efficient, and convenient payment method, with its advantages outweighing the disadvantages for many businesses.

While its usage is region-specific, the growing adoption of EFTPOS in various parts of the world, including the UK, indicates its rising significance in the hospitality sector. By leveraging EFTPOS, establishments in the hospitality industry can enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

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