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Top Earners in the Music Industry: Revenues Revealed

Hold onto your hats because we’re about to spill the tea on just how obsessed people are with some of the biggest artists of the year. As experts in live events and arenas, we‘ve analysed data* from Amazon to unravel some juicy insights into fan spending habits and how they could sway the summer festival scene. 

Prepare to be captivated by these surprising trends that reveal who’s got the fan base and the millions to back it up!


The Most Loved Music Artists: Unlocking Fan Wallets


Are you ready to discover who has their fans wrapped around their perfectly manicured fingers? Brace yourselves for “The Most Loved Artists” based on average consumer fan spending. While Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have their fair share of adoration, it’s Sam Fender who’s stealing the show.


Rank Artist  Average search volume (monthly) Average search volume (yearly) % change in search volume Av. merch price – Amazon Total estimated spend on artist merch (Amazon sales)
1 Harry Styles  1434700 17216400 -52% £15.88 £273,396,432.00
2 Taylor Swift  1229760 14757120 97% £16.60 £244,968,192.00
3 Sam Fender  467750 5613000 -59% £33.25 £186,632,250.00
4 Beyonce  858000 10296000 13% £16.33 £168,133,680.00
5 The Weeknd  547890 6574680 68% £25.21 £165,747,682.80
6 Adele  907610 10891320 34% £11.88 £129,388,881.60
7 Lizzo  527250 6327000 -39% £18.46 £116,796,420.00
8 George Ezra  558960 6707520 -44% £16.61 £111,411,907.20
9 Paramore  235610 2827320 181% £37.85 £107,014,062.00
10 Arctic Monkeys  449010 5388120 63% £17.83 £96,070,179.60
11 Elton John  449040 5388480 48% £16.94 £91,280,851.20
12 The 1975  252000 3024000 102% £22.82 £69,007,680.00


Sam Fender Beats Out Beyonce on Fan Merch Sales 


Calling all Harry Styles fans! Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride because our data shows that the search volumes for his merchandise have taken a tumble, plummeting by a staggering 52%. What’s going on, you ask? Could there be a new heartthrob stealing the spotlight? 


We’re glad you asked because Sam Fender’s fans are giving us major chills with his spendthrift ways! Despite having a smaller search volume of 5,613,000, these devoted fans are opening their wallets wide, splurging a jaw-dropping £186,632,250 on Sam’s merchandise. Talk about dedication! It seems like the crooner has struck a chord with his followers, and his star power is on the rise. Is this the start of a musical revolution?


Swifties Splurge Over 244 Million on Fan Merch


Bow down, darlings, because Taylor Swift’s reign as the Merch Monarch is far from over! Her fans are showing their unwavering support by dishing out a mind-blowing £244,968,192 on her merch, marking a dazzling 97% increase in search volumes in the last month. Looks like the “Swifties” have spoken loud and clear, proving that Taylor’s queenly status in the music world is as solid as ever.


Rock Royalty Paramore Makes a Revival 


The sensational rock band Paramore seems to have ignited a blazing trail of success too. The data analysis also reveals an awe-inspiring surge of 181% in search volumes for Paramore merchandise, catapulting them back into the spotlight with an unstoppable force. It seems that fans have fallen head over heels once again for the band’s electrifying performances and empowering melodies. With their triumphant return, Paramore is reclaiming their rightful place among music’s elite.


Our MD Richard Goodall comments: “The music scene in the UK is thriving more than ever with the likes of Harry Styles, Beyonce and Taylor Swift all touring the UK this year. But big names attract big earning potential so stadiums, arenas and festivals should ensure they are prepared for the level of expectation that comes with the excitement and love of passionate fans.”


Festival Merch Frenzie & The Battle for Headliners 


The game of fan engagement is evolving faster than a Kardashian’s Instagram feed. Celebrity merchandise has become a key player in setting the stage for unforgettable festival experiences, which is why PowerEPOS has taken it one step further to find out just how much fan favourites can influence the power of spending. 


Rank Festival Average search volume (monthly) Average search volume (yearly) % change in search volume Av. merch price – Amazon Total estimates spend on Artist (Amazon sales)
1 Download festival  191160 2293920 -25% £24.80 £56,889,216.00
2 Reading festival  175060 2100720 65% £12.13 £25,481,733.60
3 Leeds festival  141920 1703040 119% £14.86 £25,307,174.40
4 Isle of Wight festival  100360 1204320 -18% £15.89 £19,136,644.80
5 Glastonbury festival  59890 718680 -4% £12.04 £8,652,907.20
6 Creamfields festival  7600 91200 -48% £89.24 £8,138,688.00
7 Edinburgh Fringe Festival  21970 263640 0% £15.81 £4,168,148.40


You probably expected Glastonbury to headline the list of big spenders on merchandise but never underestimate the power of a loyal fan base. 


Download Festival has become a mecca for fans who revel in the power of heavy riffs, thunderous drums, and unforgettable live experiences and are more than willing to ensure they have their official annual t-shirt to frame on the walls at home. With a long-standing 25-year history of annual festivities, the iconic festival is estimated to make at least £56,889,216.00 on merchandise through Amazon alone.


Leeds Festival saw a 119% increase in merchandise searches month-to-month right after the line-up was released, with Reading Festival shooting up 65%.  With Sam Fender released in the line-up, fans and followers are showing their spending power and unmatched devotion, festival honchos might want to take note and secure his electrifying presence. Both festivals aim to make (at least) an estimated 25 million in merchandise sales in 2023, crowning them as cash cows of the festival world. 


“We were surprised to see that Glastonbury made a humble 5th place, with average monthly searches behind four other major festivals. Although recently there have been whispers of Harry Styles potentially making an appearance, which will certainly turn some heads. It’s fantastic to see how fans of long-standing events such as Download Festival keep the music industry thriving year after year.” says Goodall.


Prepare for a summer like no other as fans, artists, and their fabulous merchandise come together in an epic dance of glamour, passion, and unrivalled fandom. 

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