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Pub, bar & hospitality experts reveal the viral TikTok #Barhacks that might just pay off

Pub, bar & hospitality experts reveal the viral TikTok #Barhacks that might just pay off 


During this cost of living crisis, we are all looking to cut costs where we can especially when it comes to party season and we want to let our hair down but don’t want to pay “through the nose” for the privilege. 


People from all over the UK are searching for hacks in all walks of life for budgeting and cost-cutting tips especially in the bar scene, over 29 million people have viewed this hashtag in recent months on TikTok alone indicating that social media is now the go-to place to find life hacks and money-saving strategies for people to take advantage of. 


Balancing travel and leisure budgets can be a struggle, but as social media becomes more sophisticated, so does the level of readily available content for people to absorb. 


We take a closer look at the most popular bar trends and see if this advice is credible and if the hacks will pay off. 


Expert in hospitality tech and MD of bar & hospitality EPOS systems, Power EPOS, Richard Goodall has analysed these popular TikTok hacks in the bar industry to reveal if they actually work!


“A common problem within the pub and bar sector is the severe lack of trustworthy information people absorb on social media. It’s highly recommended that you look into each of these hacks and make your own judgement on them before committing to them. 


It’s good to ask, are they an expert in this niche? Are they doing this for social clout, only? How long have they worked in this sector? It’s highly entertaining the content shared their personal experiences, more specific advice – especially financial, should be approached with caution.”  says Richard Goodall, MD of PowerEPOS.


  • “Free drinks!?” – No chance! 

According to a TikTok influencer semisauced who has 504.7K Followers and 28.8M Likes

, if you are a group of men, you can get free drinks using this shameful and high-risk scam to ultimately, fool staff, and scare them as you cause a scene and walk away in the chaos that’s been fabricated. 




“This simply, would never work. Walking away without paying the bill is just plain theft and this is not a legitimate hack. My advice is very straightforward. Do not pay any attention to this one! It will cause more harm than good for you and the bar/restaurant owner. You do not want the police involved or for this to be taken even further. ” says Richard Goodall.


  • “Free drinks for the ladies?” – Not today!


Kenadallkiper has 326.4K Followers and 21.1M Likes, giving her a reasonable level of clout over TikTok users. In one of her videos, she focuses on how ladies can get free drinks at the bar, to claim that 99% of men are so gullible that they will just pay for drinks because their ego is so out of control they’ll be unwittingly duped into buying a girl a drink…seems like the good old honey trap technique is alive and getting more attention that it deserves. 




“The cost of buying drinks in the UK at the moment is very very steep. Yet we are still seeing packed-out bars and pubs despite the cost of living crisis going on. The last thing people want is to add any more cost onto their already expensive night out or celebration and to be bothered by strangers who are clearly desperate. This hack will simply rub people the wrong way and could get you into trouble. 

“We provide EPOS and POS systems for bars and pubs, and their biggest priority is to keep customers returning and to keep them happy! If a certain bar is attracting people trying to swindle drinks off paying customers its not a good look and leaves a sour taste in the mouths of those being targeted. It puts the bar at risk of losing potential paying customers and it’s not a nice experience for anyone involved. 


“If you are hoping for a free drink, it’s better to consider working behind the bar and you might get the odd one bought for you as a “thank you” for good service” comments Goodall.


  • “You could get paid to have a drink!” – True


@fresherfestival with 102.7K Followers and  4.5M Likes on TikTok shares a free drink strategy which says will potentially pay you to have a drink! The only issue is that you have to be a student and look like you’re under the 25-year-old mark to be accepted into this scheme. So this won’t work for everyone, sadly. 





“I find the concept of ‘pub testing’ as a hack for free drinks quite intriguing. This TikTok trend highlights a creative approach to quality control in the hospitality sector.”


“The idea is straightforward yet clever: individuals sign up with companies that hire ‘mystery shoppers’ to test pubs and bars. The primary task is to assess whether the establishment is diligent about asking for ID when serving alcoholic beverages. If the tester isn’t asked for their ID, the company reports back to the pub for quality and legal compliance purposes. For the tester, the perk is a free drink or a payment ranging from £5 to £50 per test.”


“This concept serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it’s a fantastic way for students or those looking to make a little extra money to do so while enjoying the social atmosphere of a pub. Secondly, and more importantly, it’s a valuable tool for pubs and bars to ensure they are adhering to legal requirements regarding alcohol service. It’s an innovative approach to maintaining high standards in the hospitality industry. While the idea of a free drink or payment is enticing, it’s essential for testers to remember the significance of their role and provide honest feedback to help these establishments maintain a responsible service”  says Richard Goodall.


  • “You get yourself a free drink. You’re welcome! ”- True 


Tricks, betting and banter have always been a staple part of the British pub culture. . 


@petefirman, who used to work as a TV magician shares one of his deceptive bets that can be used to charm and bet with your fellow friends and pubgoers. The TikTok video claims you get free drinks by betting that people won’t be able to use 1 finger only to remove the trapped £20 note from between the bottle and the coins without them moving from the top of the bottle. A cunning trick, it is by no means obvious unless you know the minor details to be successful. 



“This particular trick, showcased on TikTok, cleverly combines entertainment with a bit of challenge, making it a perfect ice-breaker in a pub setting.


The trick is ingeniously simple yet misleading. You fool your friends or the regulars in the pub that they cannot remove a £20 note between a bottle and coins. It’s a classic magician’s bet that appears straightforward but requires knowledge of specific techniques to pull off successfully.”


“This kind of bet is not just about winning a free drink, it’s about engaging with people in a fun and light-hearted way. While it’s a clever ploy to earn a free pint, the real value lies in the shared experience and laughter it brings. It’s essential, though, to approach these bets with a sense of fairness and good spirit. The goal should always be to add to the enjoyment of the evening, rather than just winning a bet. Remember, the charm of the trick lies as much in its performance and the camaraderie it fosters as in its cleverness.” added Richard.


  • “2 Free Pints!”- False


@chanslaw boasts 2.3m followers on TikTok alone and has over 90m likes on the platform giving him a massive audience and is the biggest influencer in our list.  He is a comic and his profile clearly says “just jokes” so his bar hack might need a very careful review before you follow it. 




“I find the ploy demonstrated in the TikTok video both clever and indicative of how a quick wit can be used to create amusing situations in a pub setting. However, this method is very high risk, totally dishonest and 90% of the time is doomed to fail. I strongly advise you not to take action with this hack. 


“The manager, can easily through you out, call the police and charge you for the drinks after this charade has taken place. In my opinion, there are no positives that come of this. You are making a huge mistake by assuming everyone working behind a bar is stupid. It simply is not the case.” 


“This trick is a testament to human ingenuity and shows how a play on words can lead to a humorous outcome. However, it’s important to remember that such tricks should always be performed in good spirits and not be used to take unfair advantage of bar staff or other patrons. While it might seem harmless, it’s crucial to maintain a level of respect and fairness in our interactions, especially in a social setting like a pub. After all, the heart of a good pub experience lies in mutual respect and enjoyment.” comments Richard Goodall, MD of PowerEPOS.


If you’d like any more information or further commentary from Richard – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.











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