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Most Googled “Christmas” Related Queries 2023

Exploring the Spirit of Christmas 2023: A Deep Dive into This Year’s Top Google Search Trends


As December 2023 unfolds, the enchantment of Christmas grips the air, and Google searches reflect this festive spirit. From traditional decorations to the latest trends, the public’s curiosity shapes a unique digital landscape of Christmas enthusiasm. Let’s explore the top trending Google queries (from Google Trends data) related to “Christmas” and the breakout searches that mark this year’s goodwill season.


Traditional Favorites and Emerging Trends


Leading the pack of Christmas searches is the quintessential “Christmas tree,” scoring a perfect 100 in weighted searches. This timeless symbol of the season continues to captivate, embodying the essence of Christmas in homes across the globe. Following closely are “Christmas markets” and “Christmas lights,” indicating a strong desire for communal celebrations and festive illumination.

Interestingly, “Christmas jumpers” and “Christmas decorations” round out the top five, showcasing a blend of personal style and home adornment in holiday preparations. The list also includes practical searches like “Christmas gifts” and “Christmas cards,” reflecting the season’s spirit of giving and thoughtfulness.


No. Googled Query Weighted Score
1 christmas tree 100
2 christmas market 50
3 christmas lights 43
4 christmas jumper 38
5 christmas decorations 28
6 christmas gifts 19
7 christmas trees 19
8 christmas markets 15
9 white christmas 15
10 christmas cards 13
11 christmas jumpers 12
12 christmas songs 10
13 christmas carol 10
14 christmas movies 10
15 merry christmas 9
16 christmas dress 9
17 last christmas 9
18 christmas tree lights 7
19 christmas dinner 7
20 christmas cake 7
21 christmas presents 7
22 christmas tree decorations 7
23 christmas lights outdoor 7
24 12 days of christmas 6
25 christmas wreath 6


Rising Queries: A Window into Christmas 2023


The ‘New Rising Queries’ section unveils fascinating trends. The top riser is a sign of the times, “dwp 10 Christmas bonus,” has seen an astonishing +1250% increase, indicating heightened interest in financial benefits during these hard economic times. Closely followed by “dwp Christmas bonus universal credit,” reflecting the dire economic concerns amid the 2023 holiday cheer.

Cultural and local interests are also evident, with “norway Christmas tree trafalgar square” and “Christmas at the holiday inn” experiencing significant upticks, suggesting a blend of travel curiosity and festive events. “Longleat Christmas,” known for its spectacular light shows and festivities, also captures considerable interest, marking a 400% increase in searches.

The iconic “Pogues Christmas song” remains a musical mainstay, while “Taming Twins Christmas plan” shows a keen interest in holiday planning strategies, especially for families. London’s “Trafalgar Square Christmas tree” remains a focal point of national interest, with various related queries showing substantial growth.

No. Rising Googled Query % Increase
1 dwp 10 christmas bonus +1250%
2 dwp christmas bonus universal credit +950%
3 norway christmas tree trafalgar square +900%
4 christmas at the holiday inn +850%
5 longleat christmas +400%
6 dwp christmas bonus +400%
7 pogues christmas song +400%
8 taming twins christmas plan +350%
9 london trafalgar square christmas tree +250%
10 trafalgar square christmas tree +200%
11 dwp christmas payment dates +160%
12 12 days of christmas +140%
13 daniel mays christmas film +140%
14 your christmas or mine +110%
15 tesco christmas jumpers +100%
16 christmas wishes +100%
17 catering christmas +90%
18 christmas jokes +90%
19 when is christmas jumper day +80%
20 tesco christmas trees +80%
21 christmas jumper day 2023 +70%
22 christmas jumper day +60%
23 best christmas movies +60%
24 asda christmas jumpers +50%
25 muppets christmas carol +50%




The 2023 Christmas search trends on Google offer a fascinating glimpse into the public’s holiday interests and priorities. From the steadfast allure of traditional symbols like Christmas trees and lights to the rising interest in financial bonuses and specific cultural events, these trends paint a vivid picture of a holiday season steeped in tradition yet dynamically evolving. As we delve deeper into December, these search patterns will likely continue to evolve, further reflecting the diverse ways people celebrate and experience the magic of Christmas.

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