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How to Start a Food Truck in the UK

The food truck industry in metropolitan cities has experienced a remarkable surge in recent years which has resulted many enquiring How to Start a Food Truck in the UK.

Personally we love the food truck business model, think about it, you literally drive to locations with a concertation of many people which your able to serve with various cuisines.

The mobile dining concept has become a part of culture, offering an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants while promoting culinary entrepreneurship and innovation.

If you’re an aspiring food truck owner then your in the right place!



What is a Food Truck?


A food truck is a mobile eatery that serves food and beverages from a specially designed vehicle. It is essentially a restaurant on wheels, equipped with cooking facilities, food preparation areas, and storage space for ingredients. Food trucks are popular in urban areas, festivals, events, and other locations where people gather.

Known for their convenience, affordability, and the ability to bring unique and diverse culinary experiences to different locations. They often attract customers with their distinctive branding, creative menus, and the opportunity to enjoy freshly cooked meals in an informal and outdoor setting.


Things you’ll need to start a Food Truck


Things you’ll need to start a Food Truck


A Suitable Vehicle: Ensuring you have the size truck is the foundation to your business. It will need to meet the health and safety regulations, have enough space for kitchen equipment, and is suitable for your intended menu.


License and Permits: Any food business within the UK handling food products such as meat, fish, eggs or dairy products must be inspected and may require approval by your local council.

The council will decide if you get approval or need to register. More information can around food premises approval.


Food Truck System:  A POS system allows efficient order management, especially during peak hours or busy events. The industry leader Power EPOS supplies backend technology in order to organise the electronic cash register and software to coordinate data collected from daily food orders.


Menu and Ingredients: A creative menu acts as a marketing tool which gives customers an insight to your food truck offerings.

Source high-quality ingredients from reliable suppliers and reflect this on your menu. Use tools such as canva to get creative.


Kitchen Equipment: Equip your food truck with the essential kitchen equipment, such as cooking appliances (grill, fryer, oven), refrigeration units, food prep surfaces, sinks with hot and cold water, and storage facilities for utensils and ingredients.


Branding and Signage: Develop a strong brand identity for your food truck. This includes a catchy name, a memorable logo, and attractive signage that reflects your cuisine and style. Make sure your branding is visible on the truck and menu boards.


Business Plan and Finances: Our detail plan is what is going to give your food truck vision and projections. In a nutshell it will detail your target market, financial projections, and marketing strategies. Your finances will keep track of the overall health of the business.


Staffing and Training: Training staff will ensure there up to speed on the epos system for restaurants you see while ensuring they know how to operate the truck efficiently even in your absence.


Perseverance and Passion: Starting a food truck business requires hard work, dedication, and a genuine passion for food and customer satisfaction. Be prepared for long hours, adaptability to changing locations and events, and the ability to handle various challenges that may arise.


Remember to research local regulations and requirements specific to your area, as they may vary. Starting a food truck business can be an exciting and rewarding venture if you plan carefully, execute well, and consistently deliver delicious food and exceptional service to your customers.



Food truck Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the day and age we live in social media marketing deserves its own section therefore we have expanded on different ways to use the platforms for your food truck. 


Branding and Unique Selling Proposition (USP):


In order to create a strong brand you’ll 1st have to determine what separates you from the competition. What makes you stand out and why should people buy from you.

It could be as simple as a  signature dish, a particular cooking technique, colouring brand, or a focus on locally sourced ingredients. Incorporate your branding consistently across signage, menus, social media, and online presence.

This is how people remember you!


Social Media and Online Presence:


Everybody is a media company 1st, then you are your business afterwards. In other words a food truck should create social media content which is shared online.

Please don’t just create the standard food photos or behind-the-scenes glimpses. Create mini episodes, customer testimonials, day in a life, tell stories which involve your brand.

Regularly update your social media accounts with location updates, specials, and upcoming events. Encourage online reviews and respond promptly to customer feedback to build a positive reputation.


Partnerships and Collaborations:


Forge partnerships with local businesses, event organisers, and influencers to expand your reach.

Lets say face, people trust brands they already know, so when they partner with you it creates more trust and awareness.

Collaborate on joint promotions, sponsor community events, or participate in food truck gatherings to increase exposure and attract new customers.

 Networking with other food truck owners can also lead to cross-promotional opportunities and shared resources.

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