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Hotel Hacks for all you holiday travel lovers!

The days of googling hotel hacks might be coming to a close end when you could just tik tok then!


From insider tips to creative tricks, join us on a journey to optimize your hotel experience and make every holiday escape even more memorable. 


Let’s turn every hotel stay into a seamless adventure and of course SAVE YOU MONEY!


1- Stop using & Book Mystery Hotels

Credit – Traveltipswith Jay


For the vast majority of us were so used to booking hotels with the leading websites and brands that it probably never occurred to us that we could book much better luxury options.




Now its going to require you using a chrome extension but we know at you’d do anything for better prices. 


The google extension is TravelArrow which is an all-in-one travel assistant that helps you get the best deal on your next vacation. Reveal hidden deals and discounts, save money, and travel better.

At we like to save you Money! 😉


2- Pick up the Phone & Arrive Late

Credit – 30_phobia


Hack 1 – The phone is your friend so pick it up and use it


In the digital era we use on phones less and less to make phone calls ( The thing is was designed to do) 

As per Kate’s advise above calling the hotel allows for you to get the best rate which often they will match or better still often you an update on the spot, why?


Sales my friend! Sales! Yes the hotel is competing with other hotels and air bnb so its not going to want to lose customers, especially customers calling them direct since thats so rare today.




The one time in your life were not being punctual actually works in your favour! 

One of the surprising perks of arriving late for hotel check-ins is the potential for room upgrades. 


As the initial rush subsides and the hotel staff find themselves with more time on their hands, they may be more inclined to offer upgrades or better room options to latecomers. 


This is particularly true if the hotel has experienced a no-show or if there are unoccupied rooms available in higher categories.



3 – Become an Ambassador and get cheap prices on the spot! Literally (InterContinental)


Credit – jeenie.weenie

Room Upgrade
As an InterContinental Ambassador member, you’re guaranteed an upgrade to a better room. This means you get a nicer room than what you paid for.

However, if you use a special reward for a suite upgrade, you can’t combine it with the guaranteed room upgrade.


Late Check-Out:

You can stay in your room until 4 p.m. on the day you leave, giving you more time before you have to check out.


Free Water Every Day:

You’ll get complimentary bottled water every day during your stay.


Better Internet:
You’ll get the best available internet in your room for free, but this is only at certain hotels.


Double Occupancy at Single Rate:
When you book a room, even if there are two people staying, you only pay the rate for a single person.






4 – Close the weird gap in your blackout curtains with the clips of a hanger

Now take about a hotel hack!


5- Or use those same bags to put over your TV remote so you don’t have to deal with germs.

6- Use a coffee cup to amplify your phone’s sound when you forget to bring your speaker.

blandsrules / Via


7- Make Your Room Extra Dark & Quiet With a Rolled Up Towel!
















Do you want to know my favorite trick for making the room even darker, and muffling hallway noise?

Take an extra bath towel from the bathroom. Or request one from housekeeping. Roll it up, and place it along the crack of the door near the floor.

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