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Food inflation exceeds increase in restaurant dining by 78%

Two people eating and drinking in a restaurant

Restaurant Industry Bears the Brunt of Food Inflation


Research by Power EPOS reveals a sharp divide in the inflation of food products versus the rates in the restaurant industry. 

While food prices have surged markedly over the past year, data from the ONS shows that the increase in restaurant and cafe prices has seen a comparatively moderate increase. Food and non-alcoholic beverage inflation, which peaked at 19.2% in March 2023, exceeds inflation in restaurants and cafes by 78% since July 2022. 

Braving Costs to Protect Customers Amidst Inflationary Pressures


This suggests that dining establishments are absorbing a substantial portion of the rising food costs rather than passing them on to consumers.

“Dining establishments have had many difficult choices to make,” says Richard Goodall, MD of Power EPOS. “With suppliers raising their prices, they themselves are faced with the option of hiking their prices and alienating their customers, many of whom are struggling themselves with less disposable income, or absorbing the cost themselves.” 

“The data underscores the resilience and commitment of the restaurant industry, even in the face of mounting challenges. While food inflation surges, these businesses are doing their best to shield customers from drastic price hikes.”

As the industry navigates through these turbulent times, it’s imperative to highlight the crucial role that restaurants play in cushioning inflationary impacts. For small businesses who are most heavily impacted, support from customers and communities is paramount to their continued survival. 

*On average, from time period July 2022 to July 2023.


Richard Goodall

Richard Goodall

Richard Goodall is Managing Director to Power EPOS and has over 30 years' experience in sales and marketing. With expertise in the retail and hospitality industries, he has extensive experience in bringing SaaS and service solutions to businesses in the UK and international markets.