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What to Look for in a Mobile Ordering App

Mobile ordering platforms have seen a surge during the current Covid-19 restrictions with restaurants turning towards Takeaway & Delivery to generate revenues but with so many out there what do you need to consider. We look at some key areas in this blog.

What are you looking to achieve from the mobile app?

Are you looking to provide a click & collect / order ahead service where your customers choose items and then can either pay through the app or on collection at a specified date / time and location. You may want to add deliveries to this or you simply want an order and pay at the table app. Choosing Delivery brings about further costs such as employing a delivery driver or using a service with this provided, do your homework on what is the most cost effective solution for your business.

Choose the services you need and make sure that the suppliers shortlisted tick all boxes you are looking for and bear in mind whether these are currently offered or under-going development, if the latter and it is a key requirement request the contract to stipulate development by a certain date.

What Fees are charged for setup and maintenance?

Fees can range from a fixed monthly amount or a percentage of each order. Do your research early to understand what model works best for your restaurant. For example, if you project 20 orders per day and your average order is £20 across a month your revenue will be £11,200.

Supplier 1 charges 3% per order value = £336 per month in fees

Supplier 2 charges a fixed fee of £100 / month

Supplier 3 charges 30% per order but includes delivery = £3,360; In this scenario work out what would a delivery driver cost

Secure Payments

The app will allow the customer to pay ahead of collection / delivery along with storing key customer data. In choosing your supplier you need to make sure they have the necessary compliance in accepting payments and storing data, in the UK this is called PCI compliant.

Setup and On-going Management

Ensure you have the right stakeholders from your business involved in the project paying attention to how it will be setup and managed. What does the supplier offer for the on-boarding process and how will it be trained? Does it give you the confidence that you will be able to self-manage once live…if the answer is no look at other providers.

A key element of the app is your menu - how easy is it to upload your menu and keep it maintained? You will also need to consider what items are available for mobile ordering; if you are running a takeaway / delivery service consider how your dishes will travel and what packaging will be used to keep them both hot and fresh. 

Pay close attention to the size of your menu and the dishes held on it - understanding what your popular items are along with the stars* will give you a good idea of what to include and what to miss out. Customers like choice but too many options can be off-putting and mean they get bamboozled and order from one of your competitors.

* Stars are big ticket items that are both popular and deliver a great margin


What marketing tools does the App offer as you could have the best App in the Country; but customers only know what they know and with other restaurants vying for the same space competition will be fierce. Can you gain access to the customer information and use to promote both through the App or through a marketing platform such as Mailchimp? Does the App contain a loyalty module allowing the customer to build points or stamps?

Once you are nearing go live market the app far and wide using all of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Consider offering a go-live promotion of 20% off your first order to entice customers or setting up a referral scheme 


Consider whether the App integrates with your EPoS as having to type orders from the App into the PoS, whilst currently may not seem an issue, will slow down service when your doors open to customers in the future. The App should provide an extra revenue stream without the need for your staff to re-key data from one system to the other.

Power EPOS supply state-of-the-art EPoS Solutions into the food & beverage sector with integrations with Mobile Ordering Apps such as Smart Restaurants & Mobo2Go. We also integrate with Sinqro providing the links between the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo & Uber Eats.

Our solutions are designed to give you the Power to Perform with a choice of onsite or cloud-based management solutions along with a fully integrated head office management solution with Rota & Forecasting, Stock & Inventory Management, 200+ Web Reports with an App based key metric solution.

Register your details on our Contact Us page and we one of our team will be in touch to talk through your options and how we can help.

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