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Bringing together expertise from three highly successful businesses – CPOS, WaiterPos and Predicttile – we, as PowerEPOS are aiming to become the first choice POS provider for hotels, bars, restaurants, theatres and football stadia around the world.

Our new next generation system will be full cross-platform allowing iOS, android and PC to operate within the same site.

We already have systems and software installed around the world, from Liverpool to Singapore, with prestige clients including the bar and restaurant in London’s iconic Gherkin, the Bank of England and Searcy’s the grand champagne bar above London’s landmark St Pancras station.

We now have ambitious plans to capture a larger share of a multi-billion pound market, at home and abroad, by capitalising on the uniqueness of our true multi-platform software solution and bringing together a combined 90 years’ worth of experience across all three companies.

Gary Smith, our CEO explains: “Our PowerEPOS systems already have an international reach, and we want to expand in to new markets in other cities across the world.

“Our individual companies were market leaders in our own businesses, so PowerEPOS brings together the very best in a way that’s beneficial to corporate and individual clients and to their customers.

“One of the major challenges for most POS companies at the moment is there are three separate platforms that all POS software can operate on – iOS, android, and PC. We’re going to launch a new product with full cross-platform support, operating across all three, which is extremely rare in today’s market. This will enable operators to use a variety of different hardware within the same site which gives us a huge advantage.”

“Our terminal hardware is state of the art, our Cloud software is designed to operate on the latest Cloud platforms like Windows Azure, and the next generation POS Software nearing completion is available under Microsoft cross platform Xamerin solution meaning total flexibility to clients.

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