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We have been working with PowerEPOS or formerly CPOS and WaiterPOS for over 10 years now. They have been ahead of the technology curve for as long as we know, their EPOS solution increased our profitability by 40% after implementation which was astounding.

Our customers would have long waits at our bar trying to get drinks which in turn interrupted the shows with chatter and noise as customers were more bothered about trying to get drinks then the show. To improve this we implemented a successful strategy of hiring 4 waitresses who each had a Waiterpad terminal. This meant we could have the waitresses taking orders from tables so customers didn’t have to leave their seats, we didn’t have any noisy queues at the bar and with waitresses using pouches they didn’t even have to go to the till! Orders were processed, cashed off or added to a table tab and away they went to get their next order. Brilliant. Our sales went up, our efficiency increased, our performer satisfaction increased due to no interruptions and most importantly our customer satisfaction increased.

The beauty of these terminals is that all the data processed through them is reported back to my phone and computer in real time. I run nightly incentives for top taker and most sales of a particular product and I can give out the prizes at the end of shifts as I get a real time report, no waiting until the next day to run them or wait for them to load, instant insight for me, instant rewards for my staff. If my staff are happy, it generally means my customers are happy.

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