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Easily Manage your online Food Delivery with PowerEPOS & Sinqro

Sick of retyping orders from your delivery tablet into the Point-of-Sale? PowerEPOS have teamed up with Sinqro to automatically channel your delivery orders into the PoS saving both time and money for your Business.

Using Sinqro we'll send all third-party online orders straight through to the PowerEPOS Point-of-Sale system and receipts to your kitchen / bar.

Key Features Include:

Automatic upload of products from your POS

When a product changes its price or becomes unavailable on your POS, we automatically send it to all platforms and applications where you sell.

  • You avoid making the same change on different platforms saving both time and money
  • Availability is uniform across all channels
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience with only live products available for selection

Receiving orders and reservations on your POS

Orders are received into Sinqro from your channel partners such as Uber Eats, Just Eat, Gloria Foods etc and sent direct into the PoS

  • We respect your production queues. For example: bar drinks, kitchen food
  • We respect your sales reporting; online sales will go into the respective reporting channels allowing individual reporting per channel

Acceptance and cancellation of orders and reservations from your POS

With Sinqro, you not only receive the order, but you can also accept, reject or delay it from the POS:

  • Eliminate the need for tablets cluttering up your service area

Integration with 3rd Party Delivery / Distribution Partners

Sinqro allows you to manage your own distribution: distributors, shifts, schedules and as much complexity as you need. If you have your own delivery, when accepting an order at home, your delivery will be automatically or manually assigned. If you have subcontracted the delivery to an external company, when you accept an order, it is sent directly to their systems and the delivery person appears to pick up the order at the indicated time.

  • Optimize your delivery operations and allow your distributors to work like those on large platforms
  • You no longer need to call or fill out forms in applications to request distributors
  • By not having to manually transcribe customer data or addresses, mistakes are eradicated

PowerEPOS offer a range of hosted or on-premise point-of-sale solutions designed to give you the power to perform. Our integration with Sinqro can deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduce man-hours needed to rekey orders
  • Ensure menu items are correct across multiple platforms delivering the best customer experience
  • Streamline your delivery and takeaway process
  • Remove the need for different tablets cluttering up your service area

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