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PowerEpos makes the day to day running of our business easier, it was brought into Burningnight Group to help generate more income through increasing gross profit whilst minimalizing wage percentage and increasing staff productivity.

Since working with PowerEpos we have seen an increase in gross profit, from 53% to 64% on wet sales and from 51% to 62% in dry sales. PowerEpos helped us achieve this due to it’s exceptional real time stock reporting and it’s constant knowledge of our current stock levels. Which flagged specific problem produce and allowed us to concentrate on this.

Our wage percentage dramatically improved from 34% to 23% on average across our sites.  The use of the clocking screen with the live sales and live wage percentage really helped us focus on this, it enabled us to analyse when we could send staff on breaks, as well as decrease and increase rotas dependent on sales trends to ensure we’re staffing correctly and as efficiently as possible.

Through PowerEpos we were also able to further incentivise staff by providing bonuses based on staff performance, as we could now focus on them as individual target achievers, PowerEpos helped us with this through it’s extensive reporting tools, such as the report server and the many dashboards available. An example of a successful bonus, we ran a cash reward for the highest seller of a new product line, over a 4-week period. This helped improve staff productivity as well as morale due to the reward.  We tracked this through the report server which allowed us to see how much each individual staff member had sold.

PowerEpos is a fully integrated system, this helps us to achieve quick and completed end of day reports, the end of day z-reports pull straight into PowerEpos, decreasing the possibility of human error which also helps reduce the time our managers spend finalising. PowerEpos have a great team of support, they are always there to ensure we a fully trained and up to date every step of the way. They offer 24-hour support which suits us as we are a business of unsociable hours. PowerEpos offers a wide range of secured functionality. We can specifically tailor PowerEpos to each employee by limiting their access to sensitive data, restricting the reports they can view and limiting the sections they can access. 

PowerEpos has so much potential and we believe we are just scratching the surface of what this system can offer us. They are always on hand to deliver the best support with great customer service.

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